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ica Walk 2022

Sunday, May 29 at Izumisano Hillside Park (Kyuryo Ryokuchi Park) and Shintaki Lake

In the pleasant breeze of early summer, 50 people enjoyed a 4 kilometer walk through Izumisano Hillside Park. After the walk, participants partook in a lively ica quiz and enjoyed lunch under the shade of a tree. Surrounded by the outdoors, participants felt free to deepen their exchanges with each other.

From the participants:

  • The time and distance were just right for walking. (Chang Fan/China)
  • We were able to speak from different perspectives. We could talk about the state of life in China, our home countries, the language that Hong Kong students use in class, and Japan, as seen from abroad. It was a truly unique cross-cultural exchange. While outdoors, we had a rousing quiz match and a wonderful time, transcending borders and languages. (Tagako Kidoguchi)

Understanding the World: Displaying Traditional Japanese Dolls

Saturday, April 23rd at Izumisano Cross-cultural Association

While listening to the explanation of the traditional Japanese dolls, we displayed the dolls one by one. We also displayed traditional warrior headpieces. It was an opportunity to learn all about Japan’s traditional dolls. With the help of the Kimono Fitting Club, children had the chance to wear kimonos for the first time. There were others who made origami warrior headpieces for the first time. It was a meeting where we all had a chance to have hands on experience with different aspects of Japan culture.

In cooperation with Toshihiko Kamidoi and Chieko Ishi from the Izumisano Tourism Volunteer Association

Cross Cultural Hiking

The ica Walk, Autumn 2021, Inunaki Mountain

Blessed with fine autumn weather, a total of 45 people, including 11 foreigners and 34 Japanese, hiked through the mysterious forests of Inunaki Mountain.

Participants’ Impressions

  • It was refreshing. It’s been a long time away from ica. It was really fun.
  • Relaxing!
  • It was good. It was really fun, but it was difficult to talk on the way up; I was short of breath on the climb.
  • It was nice and cool.
  • It was fun passing through the waterfall for the first time.
  • I was quite a rare experience (the waterfall ritual).

English Café

Saturday, October 23, 2021
Izumisano Cross-cultural Association, Minaminakakashii Building

ica Japanese learners Ms. Yu (Thailand) and Ms. Lin (China) were invited as guests, and enjoyed chatting in Japanese.

“In Thailand, women do not touch monks. I was surprised to learn that monks in Japan can marry and are allowed to touch women,” said Ms. Yu.

Ms. Lin introduces tea utensils and a variety of teas, including Pu’er tea and Ma Li Hua tea. One of the most popular teas is Gong Yi tea, which is a dried flower wrapped in tea leaves that opens when hot water is poured over it.

The Introduction of the English Café Passport

Participants will be issued a English Café Passport! We invite you to create your own original passport. Jot down special moments and interactions you’ve had or simply add your own photos to it.

The World of Turkish Handicraft

Saturday, September 11 , Online Lecture via Zoom
Live Viewing Venue, Izumisano Cross-cultural Association, Minaminakakashii Building

Twenty-seven participants from 20 groups listened to Ms. Sawako Nishimura. Ms. Nishimura studied the traditional the Turkish embroidery known as igne oyasi in Turkey. She showed participants photos she had taken there and also some examples of delicate embroidery work.

This was the first time the event was held on Zoom under the nation’s state of emergency declaration. In order to watch the event, a display area was setup at Izumisano Cross-cultural Association in Minaminakakashii Building. There were participants from overseas and remote areas of Japan, making it a unique online event.

Words from the participants

Turkey is a country that I want to visit again and again. The more I learn about it, the more I enjoy it. Ms. Nishimura, the speaker, received training in Turkish handicraft in Antalya, a city facing the Mediterranean Sea. Using photographs, from her training and her travels around the country, she explained in an easy-to-understand manner, with scenes of women at the market . I hope this will get more people to become interested in Turkey. -Mitsui Takahiro

It was interesting to hear various stories about the Turkish handicraft, igne oyasi. I am worried about the fact that this wonderful tradition is in danger of dying out. I had been to Antalya before, so watching this was quite nostalgic . I wondered how they could make such beautiful patterns with just a needle and thread. I immediately had to go to YouTube to check it out. -M

It made me feel like I was on a trip in Turkey. -F

About the Online Experience
I was nervous because this was my first time joining online, but it was a good experience for me to be able to participate at home. -I

I was quite happy to be able to participate in this kind of online lecture.
-P, Korea